Dekor lav

What will happen after you have applied?

Important information

1. You will receive a receipt in the Altinn inbox

You will find a receipt for the submitted application in the enterprise’s Altinn inbox.

2. We will process your application

Most applications are processed automatically. Most applicants will receive an answer immediately, but it may take up to 6 weeks

3. We will send a reply to your application via Altinn

When we have processed the application, we will send a reply to the application to the enterprise’s Altinn inbox.

4. In case the application is approved: We will make the payment

If the application has been approved, we will usually send the money to the account within a few days. The money will be paid to the same bank account number as is registered by the Norwegian Tax Administration.

Changing your application

If you have submitted an application and you discover it contained incorrect information or was incomplete, you must send a new application.


If you believe that the decision is incorrect, you may appeal.