Dekor lav

About the scheme

The scheme is part of the government’s measures to mitigate the financial effects of the coronavirus situation and the infection control measures.

The scheme applies to employers that are self-employed persons and businesses (ENK), private limited companies (AS), non-profit organisations and foundations, and that have laid off employees as a result of the virus outbreak.

The objective

The objective of the scheme is to reduce the number of unemployed persons and laid off employees by encouraging enterprises to bring back laid-off employees despite uncertain prospects.

The scheme is temporary and aimed at the enterprises, non-profit organisations and foundations that meet the requirements for receiving subsidies. 

How long will the scheme last?

The application deadline for July and August 2020 was 5 November 2020.

The application deadline for October, November and December 2020 was 1 March 2021.

The application deadline is final, and you cannot apply for a subsidy now.

Who manages the scheme?

The Ministry of Finance has charged the Tax Administration with implementing and managing the scheme.

Automated solution

Employers applying for subsidies must use a digital application form. In this form, the enterprises will enter information themselves about the enterprise, including various revenue figures, information about their employees and other relevant information.

The application form for October, November and December becomes available in February 2021. You must apply by 1 March 2021. You must submit one application per month.

As an employer, you must report all your workers to the Aa Register using the a-melding. Before you apply for a subsidy, you must have reported all required information and the a-melding must be submitted correctly.

The application process is largely automated. If you meet the requirements in the scheme, it will not take long from when you apply to when you receive a payment.

Checks performed before payment

The solution has an integrated accuracy assessment system to verify the identity of the applicant and the subsidy amount against various register data and through cross checks. All approved applications will undergo a credibility assessment before payments are made. If the checks uncover any discrepancies, the application may be processed manually and undergo an extra evaluation.

Checks performed after payment

In addition to automatic checks during the application process, checks are carried out at later stages to uncover potential fraud and crime. The applicant must also be able to document the amounts they have entered at a later stage and have confirmation from an authorised accountant or auditor that the provided amounts are correct. We will perform audits and analyses of various register information, and we will cooperate with other control authorities.


The Norwegian Tax Administration may issue penalties if the enterprise receiving the subsidy has provided incorrect or incomplete information.

You can see who is receiving subsidies

The names of enterprises receiving public subsidies will be made publically available shortly after their applications have been approved.

Information about the enterprise and the amounts they receive will be searchable.