Give others access to change and submit your tax return

You can give others access to view, change and submit your tax return.

You decide who you want to grant access to

For example, you can delegate to

  • private individuals
  • auditors
  • accounting offices
  • consultancy firms

How to grant access

Who would you like to grant access to?


It’s important to only grant access to people you trust. The person you grant the access to, may change and submit the tax return on your behalf. They will have access until you remove it.

  1. Have the name and national identity number ready for the person you want to grant access to.
  2. Log in and follow the instructions:

This is what you grant access to

The person you are granting access to, can perform the following tasks:

  • Find out if you’re getting a tax refund or if you have to pay more tax
  • See information about your finances, for instance your income, debt, bank and account information, properties, shares and securities
  • Make changes to and submit your tax return
  • Apply for an extension to the deadline for submitting the tax return
  • Submit appeals and make changes to your previous tax returns
  • Change the account number for payments of any tax refund
  • See information about who you’re taxed with
  • See any information related to work performed in Norway and your stays here
  • See your tax deduction

You can grant your professional adviser access in the same way as private individuals, but you can also provide access via Altinn. Talk to your adviser and find out what he or she prefers.

  1. Log in to Altinn and select “profile” at the top of the main menu.
  2. Select “Others with rights to forms and services”.
  3. Select "Add new person or organization”.
  4. Enter the national identity number and last name, or enter the organisation number and name.
  5. Click in the field “Give new rights”, type “RF-1030”, and select whether you want to provide access to the tax return for wage earners or self-employed persons.
  6. Click the link at the bottom of the page: “Alternative delegation: Choose to give the roles that the service requires” (if you do, you’ll grant access to this year's tax return).
  7. Select the rights you want to delegate: Read only, Write, Sign.
  8. Click “Give rights” and “Done”.

See also help and guidance Contact Altinn if you`re stuck or have any questions.

Applies immediately

The person who has been given rights, will be sent an e-mail.

The delegation will be valid from and including the date the roles are delegated and until the role is deleted.