The tax return for those who submit on behalf of others

Here, you'll find information on what you as a professional adviser should be aware of when you submit the tax return on behalf of others.

Important information

The information on this page is intended for advisers, accountants, auditors, solicitors, etc.

If you're a private individual who wish to give others access to your tax return, you can read about giving others access to your tax return.

The tax return will become available in random pools between 16 and 25 March, after the taxpayer has received a notification via e-mail or text message. 

Alternative login method in Altinn (Altinn single-use code/text message code)

It's still possible to use the alternative login method in Altinn to access the tax return. For those who receive the new tax return and log in via Altinn, there will be a letter in the Altinn inbox that includes a link to the new tax return. However, as an adviser, you will not be able to use this link to gain access to the client’s tax return in the new format.

The old format tax return will become available on 7 April, and then you may submit as usual on behalf of your client.

Submitting in the new or old format

After 7 April, all taxpayers may submit the tax return in the old format via Altinn, as before. Taxpayers who submit the tax return via Altinn instead of via the new service will lose their access to the new service for the 2020 income year.

All taxpayers will receive a PDF version of their tax return in their Altinn inbox from 7 April. This is a version of the tax return that may be submitted as documentation to third parties if needed.

Read more about the different formats of the tax return.

Rights on behalf of others:

In Altinn, there's a service where access may be delegated both to an adviser company’s organisation number, the adviser’s national identity number or directly to a user name that the adviser creates. We recommend that you use this service to delegate access between advisers and clients.

Submitting from an annual accounts system/accounting software

If you submit the tax return for wage earners and pensioners from a system/software, it will be directed to the old format for the 2020 income year. This applies even if the taxpayer has received the tax return in the new format. When the tax return has been submitted from a system/software, the tax return will be removed from the new service if the taxpayer originally received his or her tax return there.

Pre-fill downloads, completion and submission will function as before in these systems/software, both for wage earners/pensioners and self-employed persons.