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Maximum effective marginal tax rates

The effective marginal tax rate corresponds to the percentage that you must pay in tax on the next Norwegian kroner you earn (many tax rates increase at higher incomes and tax-free amounts may be used up).

Salary income excluding employer's national insurance contributions 46.4 %
Salary income including employer's national insurance contributions 53.0 %
Pension income * 43.3 %
Business income ** 49.6 %
Dividends and withdrawals 46.7 %

* For people who are taxed as pensioners, the highest effective marginal tax rate can be up to 46.6 %.

** Self-employed persons within fishing, hunting and childcare in their own home (children under 12 years of age or with special care needs) must pay national insurance contributions on their business income at the rate of 8.2%. The lower employer's national insurance contribution rate is linked to the fact that these industries pay a product tax, which is partly intended to cover the difference between 8.2% and 11.4% employer's national insurance contributions