Important information

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Tredjepartsopplysninger som vedlegg

Dette er et skjema som gjør det mulig å laste opp en XML-fil med tredjepartsopplysninger til Altinn.

RF-1301 Third-party information as an attachment

Submit as a file attachment


Skjemaet benyttes til å innrapportere ulike typer tredjepartsopplysninger og grunnlagsdata. Filen som lastes opp i skjemaet skal være i XML-format som følger Skatteetatens spesifikasjoner. Formatbeskrivelser og veiledning for innsending finner du her.

Log-in information

Logging in to Altinn is personal, even when you are representing an enterprise. You will need your national ID number/user name and password for the log-in method you wish to use.

Roles and rights in Altinn

In order to fill in, sign and submit the form, you must have an Altinn role on behalf of the enterprise you represent. Information about roles can be found at Altinn.

Contact Altinn user service if you have any problems with roles and rights or logging in.

After submission

When you submit the form, you will receive an acknowledgement from Altinn in "My message box". The acknowledgement is only a confirmation from Altinn that the statements have been submitted.

When the information has been received and registered, you will also receive feedback from the Norwegian Tax Administration in “My Message Box”. This feedback shows the statement of the delivery and any errors which should be corrected.