Loans to the general manager

The general manager can borrow money from the enterprise. Certain formal conditions must be met in order for such a loan to be legal.

A written loan agreement must be prepared. The loan must be reported in the same way as other liabilities on the enterprise’s balance sheet. Interest at market rates must be calculated and paid. Furthermore, the general manager must be able to service the loan that the enterprise provides.

If these conditions are not met, the tax authorities can reclassify (change) the status of the payment from a loan to payment of salary and tax it accordingly. If this happens, employer's national insurance contributions must be calculated and paid on the amount.

If the general manager in addition is a shareholder or related party to a shareholder, the rules for loans to personal shareholders apply.

For loans to shareholders in the form of dividends, see examples of how to complete the form for shareholders’ loans.

See the rules regarding loans taken out before 7 October 2015 (in Norwegian only).

In the guide Skatte ABC, you can read more under the topic Lån til aksjonær/deltaker (Loan to shareholder/partner - in Norwegian only).