Coronavirus - important information from the Tax Administration

Courses for new businesses

The Norwegian Tax Administration arranges courses specifically for people like you who have just started a business. These courses are held nationwide and are free.

Cancelled courses - attend a webinar or watch video of the courses

Due to the contagion situation, all physical courses have been canceled through August.

A number of webinars have been set up as a replacement.

Watch video of the courses

The courses cover the following topics:

  • and
  • accounting and book keepring
  • advance tax
  • tax returns
  • income statements/business tax returns
  • deduction entitlement
  • value added tax and turnover statements

The course for private limited liability companies (AS) also covers topics for this form of company.

Filmer med aktuelle tema for næringsdrivende

Her finner du filmer vi har laget med aktuelle tema for deg som har, eller skal starte opp et aksjeselskap (AS) eller et enkeltpersonforetak (ENK).

Har du akkurat startet opp, anbefaler vi at du ser filmene i rekkefølgen de er satt opp.