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You must book an appointment

Before coming to the tax office, you must book an appointment. Only those who are required to physically go to a tax office may book an appointment.

For foreign employees: Book an appointment at The Service Center for Foreign Workers (SUA).

Follow the instructions for isolation and quarantine

You must not meet at the Norwegian Tax Administration if you're in isolation or quarantine due to the coronavirus situation. 


It is no longer mandatory to wear a mask while on our premises. We suggest you wear a mask even if it is not mandatory.

Important information

If you have to go to the tax office you need to book an appointment.

You only have to go to the tax office if:

  • you're moving to Norway
  • you want to apply for a tax deduction card but lack a valid D number
  • you want to confirm paternity. 

Any other inquiries we can help you on chat, phone at 800 80 000 or Facebook.

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Are you a foreign worker?

If you're a foreign worker, a foreign self-employed person, a family member of a foreign worker or the employer of a foreign worker, you should contact the Service Centre for Foreign Workers (SUA).

At the SUA-office the police, the Tax Administration and the Labour Inspection Authority will help you sort out everything you need to work in Norway.

Before coming to the SUA-office, you need to book an appointment.


Important information

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