Form RF-1401

Report a move to Norway from abroad

If you plan to live in Norway for more than six months, you must report your relocation to Norway no later than eight days after your arrival. Before you show up at the Tax office you need to book an appointment.

Download, complete and bring to us. You need to book an appointment with the Tax office first.

Report moving to Norway

Everyone who is required to report their relocation to Norway must report to one of the selected tax offices for an ID check. You need to book an appointment with the Tax office for your ID check.

Usually, you have to go to a tax office for ID control when you're reporting your move to Norway.
This also the case for Norwegian citizens who are moving back to Norway. If you're moving to Norway with your family, all members of your family must go to the tax office.


  • When you intend to stay in Norway for less than six months, you do not have to report the move. However, you must go to the tax office to get a temporary identification number (D number).
  • When you've applied for protection (asylum) and are getting a residence permit, when you're a resettlement refugee, or when you're a witness in a human trafficking case, you do not have to report the move. If you fall into one of these categories, it'll be taken care of electronically via the UDI (the immigration administration).

You will require the following documentation

First, remember that you need book an appointment.

The type of documentation you will need will depend on where you come from:

Bring your change of address notification

You can download and complete the form in advance.


You will receive a letter in the post when we have registered your move to Norway. The letter will be sent to your new address as registered with the National Registry. Remember to put your name on your new post-box. You will receive a letter in Altinn if you are registered as an online user.