Scrapping cars and other vehicles

The vehicle scrap deposit is NOK 3,000 for passenger vehicles, vans, motor caravans, caravans, snowmobiles and minibuses/buses under 6 meters and NOK 500 for mopeds and motorcycles.

Where can I scrap my vehicle?

The purpose of the provisions in the regulations relating to the scrapping of cars and other vehicles is to prevent and reduce environmental problems caused by vehicles that end up as waste.

Payment of vehicle scrap deposit

The vehicle scrap deposit is normally paid 4 - 5 working days after the vehicle has been registered for scrapping.

In order to receive a vehicle scrap deposit, the vehicle must have been registered with number plates in the Norwegian Public Roads Administration's motor vehicle register after 1 January 1977.

In 2018 the vehicle scrap deposit scheme was extended to also include:

  • caravans
  • mopeds, light and heavy motorcycles
  • lorries, tankers and tow cars

Because of the extended scheme, vehicle collection facilities receive an operating subsidy for accepting these vehicles.

Please note that vehicle collection facilities are not obliged to accept vehicles that have been included in the new vehicle scrap deposit scheme, as not all the facilities have sufficient capacity or the necessary equipment. You should therefore contact the vehicle collection facility in advance before delivering, for example, a lorry or a caravan for scrapping.

Rates for vehicle scrap deposits

The vehicle scrap deposit amounts are

  • NOK 3,000 for passenger vehicles, vans, motor caravans, caravans, snowmobiles and minibuses/buses under 6 meters
  • NOK 500 for mopeds and motorcycles.

See all rates for vehicle scrap deposits

Certificate of destruction

When you deliver your car to an you'll receive a numbered certificate of destruction verifying that the car has been scrapped.

Anyone who delivers a car for scrapping must show identification and provide the vehicle collection facility with the necessary information, so that the vehicle scrap deposit can be paid to the correct recipient.

For security reasons, the Norwegian national identity number/organisation number and account number will not appear on the printed certificate of destruction.

You must be able to document the car's last registration number by providing, for example, a vehicle registration document, a receipt for returned number plates or insurance documents.

The vehicle collection facility will send the certificate of destruction electronically to the Norwegian Tax Administration, who will pay the vehicle scrap deposit to the specified deposit recipient and account number. The deposit recipient does not have to be the registered owner of the car.

Once the vehicle collection facility has registered the certificate of destruction, it cannot be reversed and the car will be scrapped.


Vehicle scrap deposits may be paid for Norwegian cars that are delivered for scrapping at approved vehicle collection facilities within the EEA (European Economic Area).

If you've scrapped your car abroad, you may submit an application for payment of vehicle scrap deposit electronically or by mail to Skatteetaten, Postboks 9200 Grønland, 0134 Oslo.

You must attach documentation of scrapping abroad and state your account number for payment of the vehicle scrap deposit.

Foreign certificates of destruction may have different names

Examples of the most common are:

  • Sweden: "Skrotningsintyg"
  • Denmark: "Skrotningsattest"
  • Great Britain: "Certificate of destruction"
  • Germany: "Verwertungsnachweis"
  • France: “Certificat de destruction d`un vèhicule”.