Moving within Norway

If you move within Norway, you must send us a change of address notification no more than eight days after you've moved. Both public and private sector organisations use information from the National Registry and are dependent on the National Registry containing accurate information.

You can notify us of your move in one of two ways:

You must download, fill in and send us notification of your change of address within Norway (in Norwegian only). You must remember to attach a copy of valid identification. Valid identification is an ID card showing your date of birth, name, signature and a photograph. However, you shouldn't send us a copy of your bank card, because this contains sensitive information.

Send the form to any tax office.

Notifying a change of address for families

If you and your family are moving together, you can report a change of address for your spouse, cohabiting partner, partner and children over/under the age of 22 in the same notification. This is provided that you were registered at the same address previously and will move to the same new address.

Flat number

Are you moving to an address that is shared by a number of dwellings, such as a townhouse, a block of flats or a rented flat in a detached house? If so, you must state the flat number of your housing unit in the change of address notification.

Do you have to commute in Norway between your home and accommodation at your workplace because of your job?

If so, the rules for commuters will apply.


You'll receive a letter in the post when we have registered your move. The letter will be sent to your new address as registered in the National Registry. Remember to put your name on your new post box.

Via "Din kontaktinformasjon" (Your contact details) in Altinn, you can see which address is currently registered for you in the National Registry. However, if you have a postal address registered (which differs from your residential address), it's this address that will be shown.

Information on postal address registered by the Norwegian post office, Posten

Posten has a separate address register. The National Registry won't notify Posten of your new registered address. You must therefore also remember to notify Posten if your address changes.

Are you self-employed?

If you're self-employed and your business address and home address are the same, you'll need to inform both the National Registry and the Brønnøysund Register Centre of your new address. 

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