Register your marital status when you move to Norway

You must state your marital status when you move to Norway. It’s important that the National Population Register has correct information regarding your marital status (whether you’re married, single, separated or other). It could affect which public benefits and services you're entitled to. 

We’ll register information about your marital status based on the information you provide.

In order to register as “married” in the National Population Register, we also need information about the person you’re married to:

  • your spouse’s date of birth
  • your spouse’s name
  • your spouse’s citizenship
  • the date you were married

If we do not receive all this information, you’ll be registered as “undeclared” in the National Population Register.

When you move to Norway, you must register the correct marital status. If you do not register your marital status when you move to Norway, you can still report the necessary information within 14 days of your move being registered, without having to provide additional evidence. You can do so by completing the form “register information on your spouse" and submit it to: Skatteetaten, Postboks 9200 Grønland, 0134 OSLO.

If the information we receive from the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) suggests that the marital status for the spouse living in Norway should be altered, we’ll be able to make corrections in the National Population Register. We’ll always send you a written confirmation when we correct your marital status.

Change your marital status to "married" at a later time 

If you want to change your marital status in the National Population Register at a later time, you must provide evidence of your marital status. There are different requirements for the evidence you provide, depending on the country where you got married.  

You can find information about getting married and how to get your marriage recognised in Norway here.