Coronavirus - important information from the Tax Administration

Marriage certificate

Everyone who gets married receives a confirmation from the Tax Administration after the marriage has been registered with us. If you need a marriage certificate on paper or you would like a copy, you can order one here.

Due to the coronavirus situation, our capacity to issue certificates requiring stamps and signatures will be limited

Please only order the certificate if it is strictly necessary. Unfortunately, we cannot provide an estimated delivery time. The delivery time will be longer than stated for the various certificates.

Confirmation of the marriage is sent to your Altinn inbox. If you’re not an electronic user, or if you do not live in Norway, but have married according to Norwegian law, you’ll receive a confirmation of the marriage to the address you’re registered with in the National Population Register. This will normally take three working days, not including postal delivery time.

A marriage certificate is a historical document showing the name of the spouse, time and place of the ceremony, who officiated the wedding, and, if applicable, a new family name and/or middle name.

You can only order a copy here if the National Population Register has checked if you met the conditions for getting married. If you got married before 1 October 2004, the National Population Register did not perform this task, and you must contact the one who officiated the wedding to get a copy of the marriage certificate. 

If you need to prove your marital status; that you’re unmarried, married, separated, divorced, widow or widower, you must order a copy of registered information instead.

If the marriage was entered into abroad according to foreign law, you must contact the one who officiated the wedding. We cannot issue this kind of certificate. The National Population Register can only issue a copy if the marriage was entered into according to Norwegian law

You can view your own information in the National Population Register at My page.

Important - when ordering certificates

The certificate will be sent to your address as registered in the National Registry.

  • We do not send certificates by e-mail.
  • We do not issue certificate printouts to you in person at the tax office.

Generally, processing time is 3 days after the date the request is received. In addition, your must allow for postal delivery time.

Printouts are issued with and without a stamp and signature.

Using the certificate abroad

If the certificate is to be used abroad, you must send it to the County Governor to apply an apostille or The Ministry of Foreign Affairs who legalises certificates. You must inform which country you need to use the certificate in. Read more about apostille and legalisation.