Form RF-1454

Report a new or changed postal address

You can add or change a postal address if you want post from the public sector to be sent to another address instead of your address registered with the National Population Register. If you stay abroad, you can also add or change your postal address.You cannot call us in order to change your postal address.

If you move, you must submit a Change of address notification

However, if you move from your address registered at in the National Population Registry, you must submit a Change of address notification instead

Do you have a D number?

If you have a D number, you can register or change your residential address in Norway, your postal address in Norway and/or your postal address in your home country. You can also choose which of these addresses you want your post sent to.

If you live in Norway, it’s important that you notify the Norwegian Tax Administration of the address where you want your post to be sent. You must also report a change of postal address if you've left Norway and you have a new address abroad. Many public agencies and private businesses use the address information found in the National Population Register to contact you. For example, if you’ve paid too much tax and have left Norway, we need to know where we can contact you in order to refund your overpaid tax.

Submitting on paper

You can also send us a paper notification of the new or amended postal address. Remember to enclose a copy of valid identification. Valid identification is an ID card showing your date of birth, name, signature and a photograph. Do not send us a copy of your bank card as it contains sensitive information.

Download, complete and submit:
RF-1454 New or changed postal address (PDF)
Send the form to:
Postboks 9200 Grønland
0134 Oslo