Form RF-1454

Report a new or changed postal address

You can add or change your postal address if you want the letters from the public authorities sent there rather than to the address you are registered at in the national register. You can add or change the postal address by sending us a message using our contact form. If you don't have the possibility to log in, you can send us the form on paper. You can't call us to change your postal address.

Log in and submit RF-1306 electronically

Submit contact form

However, if you move from the address you are registered at in the National Registry, you must report the move instead.

Remember to notify about the new address to Norway Post, and the mailbox with your name and new address.

Submitting on paper

You can submit the change of postal address report on paper, but you must remember to include a copy of valid identification. Valid identification is an ID-card which contains date of birth, name, signature and photo. You should not send a copy of your debit or credit card as it contains sensitive information.

Download, complete and send to us:
RF-1454 New or changed postal address (PDF)

Send the form to:
Postboks 9200 Grønland
0134 Oslo

You will receive a letter from us when we have registered your new postal address. The letter will be sent to the new postal address.