Check which employers have retrieved your tax deduction card

Employers who pay you a salary, pension or other taxable benefits can obtain your tax deduction card directly from the Norwegian Tax Administration.

Who can retrieve your tax deduction card

An employer can only retrieve the tax deduction card for those they pay taxable benefits to. That means those to which they pay salary, pension or other taxable benefits. Your employer retrieves your tax deduction card directly from the Tax Administration.

Information available to your employer

The tax deduction card only contains the information your employers need to deduct the correct tax:

  • tax table number and/or percentage deduction
  • municipality number

Employers will not know how much you're expected to earn or other information about yourself or your financial situation.

Information submitted by your employer

You can check what your employer has reported regarding your employment and income so far this year.

More than one employer

If you have more than one employer/pension provider, you must make sure that your main employer/pension provider (the one who pays the most) use table-based deductions, while the others use percentage deductions.

The same applies if you receive several different benefits from NAV during the same period, then table-based deductions should only be applied to one of the benefits. Here you can read more about tax deductions at NAV.

Former employer

If an employer you’re not going to work for this year has retrieved your tax deduction card, you can ask them to remove you from their list of persons to retrieve tax deduction cards for.

If you previously received benefits from NAV

If you previously received benefits from NAV that you’ll not receive in 2023, for example, in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, it’s important that you check the basis for your tax deduction card and make any necessary changes.

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