Item 3.1.5

3.1.5 Taxable share dividends, etc. (RF-1088)

Applies to the income year 2017

This item shows taxable dividends. The amount will normally be pre-completed with what is stated in "RF-1088 Shares and equity certificates" (in Norwegian only). In mid-March, you received this form, which is an overview of your Norwegian shares, as well as foreign companies registered on Oslo Stock Exchange.

Does this item concern me?

This item concerns everyone who owns shares and who has received payments of taxable dividends.

How do I enter this in my tax return?

The item will be pre-completed with the taxable dividends taken from item 130 in form RF-1088 Shares and equity certificates (in Norwegian only). You must check that the amounts shown in the share and equity certificates statement and the tax return are correct.

The information is wrong

If the amounts shown are wrong, you will need to change them directly in your tax return.

Documentation requirements

You do not need to send us any documentation concerning this, but you must be able to present it upon request.