This online service is currently closed for updates. It will reopen on 1 April.

We will alert you when your tax return for 2019 is available.

View, edit or submit the tax return

The deadline for submitting the tax return was 30 April.
If you discover errors or receive new or delayed information, you can still change and submit. After the date of January 13, 2020 the form "Amend wealth and income tax" must be used.

On 1 April you can log in to see your tax return.

Open the tax return

When you have opened the tax return, you must:

It's important that you check your tax return.

  1. Check that what you have received in salary and paid in tax are correct. You can cross-check the amounts in the annual statement of incomes, deductions and tax deductions you receive from you employer, with the amounts in the tax return. You can check what your employer(s) have reported.
  2. Check that what you receive in pension or disability benefit is correct. You will receive a summary from NAV, or anyone else you receive a pension or benefits from. You can check what has been reported.
  3. Check that the amounts for debt and capital/wealth are correct. We get these figures from the companies or organisations you have debt or capital/wealth with. You can get a valuation discount when assessing your wealth. If granted, this discount will be pre-completed in your tax return.

You can also check if something is missing:

  • Check if you are entitled to make additional deductions using our deduction wizard. If you are entitled to deductions, they can reduce the basis on which we calculate your tax. Then you can pay less tax. Some deductions will be pre-completed, while others you must fill in yourself.
  • Check which topics are relevant for you.

If you want the tax return on paper, you can print it.

If you are a foreign employee and staying in Norway temporarily, you can view a simplified list of the items that are most relevant to you.

If any information is incorrect or missing from the tax return you have received, you must make the necessary changes. For example, you may have bought a house or a car, sold shares or got married.

You can make changes in the tax return after you have submitted. Remember to re-submit the tax return after you making the changes.

For help on what to change and why, visit our overview of topics and deductions in the tax return. 

If you need more help, you can contact us.

No changes?

If you do not make any changes, you do not need to submit the tax return. No changes = no submission. Tax returns not submitted by 30 April will be considered as having been submitted with the pre-completed information as stated when the deadline expired.

Have you made changes?

The deadline for making corrections and submitting the tax return is 30 April. You can change and submit as many times as you need. You do not need to send us documentation before we ask for it.


If you own a sole proprietorship, you have to submit a tax return regardless, and you have to submit it electronically.

Tax refund or underpaid tax?

In the tax return, you may find a provisional tax calculation, but it can be changed. You could

If there is no provisional tax calculation, there may be several explanations

When you've submitted your tax return, we'll go through all the information. You'll see whether you have to pay more tax or are entitled to a refund in your tax assessment. We'll let you know by e-mail/SMS when your tax assessment is ready. So make sure to keep you contact information updated. 

If you're a wage earner or pensioner and submit your tax return on paper, you will not receive your tax assessment notice until August at the earliest.

Change of account number

The money will get to you faster if we have your correct account number. You should check and, if necessary, change your account number.

Apply for an extended deadline

The deadline to apply for an extension was by 24:00 on 30 April. 

Change your tax returns for previous years

The tax returns for 2018, 2017 or 2016 you can still change and submit, if you discover errors or receive new or delayed information.

Submitting the tax return on paper

If you're a wage earner or pensioner and submit your tax return on paper, you must send it to:

Postboks 430, Alnabru
0614 Oslo

You do not need to submit it if there are no changes to be made.

How to make changes in the paper version of the tax return

  • If you believe that any pre-completed amounts are wrong, you should correct them by putting a line through the amount and entering the correct amount in the column called "corrected to”.
  • You must enter deductions, income, capital/wealth and debts that have not been pre-completed yourself under the item called “Any amounts that have not been pre-completed must be entered here”. You must then state which item the amount belongs to. If you do not know the number of the item, you can get help in Find item.
  • Deduction and debt amounts must be entered with a minus sign, while income and capital items must be entered without a sign.

Do you want to print the tax return on paper?

How to print your tax return