Register or change bank account number for payments from the Norwegian Tax Administration

You can register or change a bank account number if you want refunds deposited into a different account than the one that’s registered to you. Both private individuals and businesses can change or register a bank account number.

Log in and select the individual or entity you will be representing:

Change/register bank account number

Deadline for changing bank account number for the tax assessment

The deadline to change a bank account number depends on when you receive your tax assessment. To be safe, you should change the bank account number when you’re submitting the tax return. If you’re too late, your tax refund will be deposited into the bank account stated in your tax return. Payments following changes related to previous years’ tax returns will be made to the last registered bank account number.

Use approved bank accounts only

We cannot make deposits to bank accounts other than the one you’ve chosen yourself. The bank accounts you can choose from in the self-service solution are bank accounts belonging to you or your business. This ensures that the money is paid to the right person or business.

Bank account numbers that require a KID number cannot be used. 

You can also register the following types of bank accounts:

If the taxpayer is deceased and the bank account is closed, the heir can log in and use form RF-1520 to change or add to the heir or administrator’s bank account (estate bank account) to register where the refund should be deposited into. Form RF-1520 is to be used for submitting necessary information and documentation when “Change/register bank account number” cannot be used.

If there is more than one heir, a signed power of attorney with a copy of identification for all the heirs must be enclosed.

If you want refunds to be deposited into an account that is not yours, you can register a power of attorney - bank account.

You can register a foreign bank account number that does not have an IBAN. An International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is an international standard for bank account numbers used in many countries. Contact your bank for more information.

If you cannot change the bank account number

If you cannot change the bank account number to your preferred bank account number, you must  contact us in writing.

If we do not have an account number for you

If you have not supplied us with information about your bank account, we can send you a giro for payment.

This will delay your refund and you risk paying a fee.

Banks may also have their own rules as to how the amount will be paid.

Norwegian giros for payment cannot be used abroad.


If the Norwegian Tax Administration does not have your bank account details, and you’re registered with a foreign address, we can send you a cheque. 

This will delay your refund, and you will be required to pay a fee to cash the cheque.

In several countries, cashing a foreign cheque is no longer possible. We recommend you make inquiries about this before choosing this option.

Slik endrer du kontonummer for utbetaling

Filmen viser hvordan du sjekker hvilket kontonummer vi har registrert på deg og hvordan du registrerer eller endrer ditt kontonummer for utbetaling av skatt tilgode.