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When your tax return has been processed, you’ll receive a tax assessment notice. You'll receive a notice with information regarding either how much money you’ll get back (tax refund), or how much you’ll have to pay (underpaid tax).

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View your tax assessment

When will my tax assessment notice arrive?

After your tax return has been submitted, the Tax Administration will process it. When your tax return has been processed, you’ll receive a tax assessment notice. The case processing time varies.

If you have submitted changes and are waiting for a new tax assessment, you will be notified when this is ready.

Unfortunately, we're unable to give you a specific date on which you will receive your assessment notice, even if you contact us.

I have not received my tax assessment notice

There might be several reasons why you have not yet received your tax assessment notice. For example:

  • Only those who submit via the new tax return will receive their tax assessment before 24 June
  • You submitted your tax return after 30 April
  • You submitted your tax return on paper
  • You’re self-employed or married to a self-employed person.
  • You applied for an extended deadline.
  • You’ve been picked for a random check.

There is an error in my tax assessment

If you find an error in your tax assessment, in most cases you’ll have to change and re-submit your tax return.

Tax refunds – you receive money 

If you've overpaid tax, the money will be transferred to your account shortly after you’ve received your tax assessment notice. 

Underpaid tax – you owe money 

If you receive your tax assessment notice between April - June, your deadline is 20 August. If you receive your tax assessment notice after June, you must pay the money you owe within 3 weeks of receiving your tax assessment notice.

If you’ve chosen to include subsidy for energy efficiency measures from ENOVA in your tax assessment, this will be offset against last year’s tax assessment. Contact ENOVA if you have any questions about their subsidy scheme.

Not an online user?

There are many benefits to being an online user. You get access to the Tax Administration’s services online. You can communicate with the Tax Administration and get access to your files electronically. 

Previous years’ tax assessments

You can find your tax assessments from previous years in your Altinn inbox.

Tax assessment notices of deceased persons

When a person dies, their address is automatically deleted from the National Population Register. Therefore, no tax return/tax assessment notice will be sent out. In order to receive the deceased person's tax return/tax assessment notice, you must notify us of the postal address of the surviving spouse or heirs.

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