Check your tax assessment

When your tax assessment is ready, you’ll see if you’re getting a tax refund or if you have to pay more tax.

When will my tax assessment notice arrive?

After your tax return is submitted, the tax office will process it. When we have finished processing your tax return, you will get a tax assessment. The time this takes can vary.   

This year, some wage earners and pensioners got their tax assessment notice in April and May. Most wage earners and pensioners got their tax assessment notice 22 June. After this, we’ll continue sending out tax assessment notices from 12 August to 26 November. 

We’ll let you know when your tax assessment is ready. Online users will receive notifications via e-mail or text message when their tax assessments are available.

Unfortunately, we can't give you a specific date for when you’ll receive your notice. We can't provide this information even if you contact us.

I have not received my tax assessment notice

There might be several reasons why you’ve not yet received your tax assessment notice. For example:

  • Only those who submit via the new tax return can get their assessment before 22 June
  • You did not submit your tax return before 30 April
  • You submitted your tax return on paper
  • You’re self-employed or married to a self-employed person
  • You applied for an extended deadline
  • You’ve been picked for a random check

There is an error in my tax assessment

If you find an error in your tax assessment, you must generally change your tax return and re-submit it.

Tax refunds – you receive money 

If you’re due a refund, you will receive a payment soon after you receive your tax assessment notice.  It may take up to three weeks, but many people receive the payment into their account the same day.

Underpaid tax – you owe money 

If you get your tax assessment in April - June, your deadline is 20 August. If you receive the tax assessment after June, you must pay the money you owe within 3 weeks of receiving your tax assessment. 

If you pay by 31 May, you do not have to pay interest on the money you owe.


If you’ve opted to include grants for energy efficiency measures from ENOVA in your tax assessment, this will be offset against last year’s tax assessment. Contact ENOVA if you have any questions about their grant scheme.

Previous years’ tax assessments

You can find your tax assessments from previous years in your Altinn inbox.

Tax assessment notices of deceased persons

When a person dies, their address is automatically deleted from the National Registry. No tax return/tax assessment notice will therefore be sent out. If you still want the deceased person's tax return/tax assessment notice sent out, a grant of proxy with information on any authorization must be reported to us.