Item 3.1.7

3.1.7 Taxable dividends not declared under items 3.1.5 or 3.1.6

Applies to the income year 2017

Under this item, you must enter dividends from Norwegian and foreign shares or security funds that have not already been completed under items 3.1.5 and 3.1.6. If you are claiming a deduction for risk-free return in order to reduce the tax you pay on your dividends, you must complete "RF-1059 Shares and units in funds etc." (in Norwegian only)

Does this item concern me?

The item concerns everyone who owns shares and/or security funds which have given a dividend which is not pre-completed under item 3.1.5 or item 3.1.6 of your tax return.

How do I enter this in my tax return?

You must submit form RF-1059 Shares and units in funds etc. (in Norwegian only)together with your tax return if you are claiming a deduction for risk-free return. Under item 3.1.7, you must enter the calculated amount shown in item 901 of form RF-1059.

If you are not claiming a deduction for risk-free return, you do not have to submit RF-1059 and you can simply enter the total of the dividends under item 3.1.7.

If dividends originate from foreign shares or security funds, you must also select "Yes" under item 1.5.6 for income abroad.

Documentation requirements

You do not need to send us any documentation concerning this, but you must be able to present it upon request.