How to add an attachment

You can add both forms and your own files as attachments to the electronic tax return.

It is preferred that you should create your RF-forms in Altinn as part of your electronic tax return.

Add a form from Altinn

  1. To add a form as an attachment, select the tab "attachments".
  2. Choose the correct form in the dropdown menu and click "Add". You can then begin to fill in the form.
  3. The form will automatically be submitted together with the tax return.
At the top, there's a tab called Attachment. There's a drop-down list with a prompt command field next to the option Add attachment form where you choose a form. There's a button next to it with the text Add.

Attach a file from your own computer

If you can't submit the form as described above, you can attach a file stored on your own computer. Remember to note which item in the tax return you are referring to. If you're not sure if you have to send us an attachment, please contact us.

  1. To add a file as an attachment, select the tab "attachments".
  2. Then click "Browse", and select the correct file from your computer.
  3. Click "Choose file attachment".
  4. The attachment will be submitted together with your tax return.
At the top, there's a tab called Attachment. Next to the field File attachment, there's a button called Browse used to find the file you want to download. Next to it, there's another button with the text Add. That button is unavailable until you have chosen a file.

Important information

This year, most persons will receive the tax return in a new format, divided by topics. If this applies to you, you wil find that the guidance in this page does not apply to you. Please log in and you will find the help you need directly in your tax return. Are you uncertain of which format you have received, you can read more about the different formats of tax return.