How to add interest on debt

If you have lent someone money it must be entered under item 3.3.1 and we show you how to do this in this article.

You must first log in to Altinn and open your tax return for alteration/submission. You can get help with logging in here.


1. Click Change on item 3.3/4.8 Interest, debt, other capital costs and deductions.

Shows the main overview with the items in the tax return.


2. Click on the arrow to bring up an overview of the items.

Shows the ‘Add’ dropdown list in the list above.


3. Choose item 3.3.1/4.8.1 Interest and debt.

All items under 3.3/4.8 will be shown in the dropdown list.


4. Click Add.

Item ‘3.3.1/4.8.1 Interest and debt’ is selected in the dropdown list. Alongside is the ‘Add’ button.


5. Fill in Name of lender, Interest on debt and Debt. Select the reason for the change in the dropdown list. Click ‘OK’.

A dialogue box will appear with fields that you must complete. At the bottom is the ‘OK’ button.


6. Check that the changes have been included in the overview, and

7. Click Save/Back to the list.

The new item has been added to the list of items. At the bottom is the ‘Save/Back to the list’ button.


8. The changes are shown in the main overview.
You can now change other items or start submission by clicking Check form.

Shows the main overview with the items where item 3.3/4.8 has been updated in the tax return.


Important information

The one you've borrowed money from must enter information about this under item 3.1.2 and item 4.1.6.

Important information

This year, most persons will receive the tax return in a new format, divided by topics. If this applies to you, you wil find that the guidance in this page does not apply to you. Please log in and you will find the help you need directly in your tax return. Are you uncertain of which format you have received, you can read more about the different formats of tax return.