Access to decisions regarding granted subsidies

The Business Compensation Scheme provides financial compensation for enterprises with large drops in revenue resulting from the virus outbreak. The goal is to help the business sector avoid bankruptcies and recover quickly after the crisis is over.

The overview shows the decisions regarding granted subsidies. Decisions may be changed both as a result of audits performed and if the applicant provides new information. The decision shown in the overview will be the decision that is applicable at that time.

The information regarding granted subsidies will be updated daily.

Information from the Business Compensation Scheme is made available pursuant to section 4-1 (1) of the Regulations concerning the supplementation and implementation of the Act relating to the temporary subsidy scheme for enterprises with a large drop in revenue (in Norwegian only).

You can search all the information types in the table. The entire dataset, or parts of the dataset, can be downloaded in the formats CSV and JSON by using the function “export as”.

Case number

Case number, reference from the Tax Administration’s case processing system.

Name of the applicant

The name of the enterprise granted a subsidy.

Organisation number

The enterprise's organisation number from the Register of Legal Entities.


The enterprise’s place of business, stated by county.

Industry code

The enterprise's industry code from the Register of Legal Entities.

Grant date

The date for the decision relating to the granted subsidy

Total unavoidable fixed costs 

The total unavoidable fixed costs related to the enterprise’s activity in the subsidy-month. The included costs are specified in more detail.

Actual revenue for the period

Income from the sale of goods that have been supplied and services that have been rendered in the subsidy-month.

Turnover in the corresponding period in 2019

Income from the sale of goods that have been supplied and services that have been rendered in 2019 in the corresponding month to the subsidy-month.

Adjustment factor

For enterprises that are considered closed by the state in the subsidy-month, the adjustment factor is 90 percent. For everyone else, it is 80 percent.

Opplysninger om tildelt tilskudd oppdateres daglig. Vi oppdaterer ikke i helger og på helligdager.

Important information


Last updated 12/07/2024 8:45 AM
Month Total subsidies Total number of receivers
mars 2020 1514851385 24977
april 2020 1924414502 24460
mai 2020 1325003124 11362
juni 2020 807744271 6430
juli 2020 493797862 4593
august 2020 423185740 4783