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Gifts to voluntary organisations

You may be entitled to a deduction from your taxable income for monetary gifts to certain pre-approved voluntary organisations and religious and belief-based communities.

The following conditions must be met in order to be entitled to the deduction:

  1. The organisation must be pre-approved. See the list of approved organisations.
  2. The gift to each organisation must amount to at least NOK 500. There is a maximum amount for the deduction for gifts. See below.
  3. The gift must be pre-filled in your tax return. (For gifts to foreign organisation, see below).

How to obtain the deduction

Your gift must be pre-filled under item 3.3.7 of your tax return. If it is not pre-filled, you must not enter the amount yourself, but contact the organisation concerned and ask them to report the gift amount under your national ID number.

Gifts to voluntary organisations and religious and belief-based communities will not be reported and pre-completed. You will have to enter the amount yourself in item 3.3.7 Donations to foreign organisations.

See the list of approved foreign organisations.

The maximum deduction is NOK 50,000