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Mineral product tax

Here you'll find current and previous rates for tax on mineral products.

The taxes are calculated per standard litre of mineral oil and petrol, and per standard cubic metre (Sm3) and kilogram for natural gas and LPG respectively.


CO2 tax 

The basic fee

Auto diesel/petrol tax


Mineral oil, unmarked, ultra-low sulphur (auto diesel)

2.05 per litre


3.52 per litre

5.57 per litre

Mineral oil, unmarked, ultra-low sulphur (heating oil)

2.05 per litre

1.76 per litre


3.81 per litre

Petrol, ultra-low sulphur 

1.78 per litre 


4.95 per litre

6.73 per litre

Natural gas

1.52 per Sm3



1.52 per Sm3


2.30 per kilogram



2.30 per kilogram

Sulphur tax: For mineral oil containing 0.05 percent sulphur as a proportion by weight, 14.20 cents must be paid per litre for each commenced 0.1 percent as a proportion by weight of sulphur.