Report tax evasion or fraud

Using this form, you can report information which you believe could be of interest to the Norwegian Tax Administration. You might for example suspect that undeclared labour is being used or that illegal letting or other tax evasion or fraud is taking place.

Reports to the National Registry must be submitted here.

Do I have to reveal my name?

You can decide if you want to provide your name to the Norwegian Tax Administration. Your report may be more credible if we know your name.

If you wish to remain anonymous, you must make sure that your report does not contain any directly or indirectly identifiable information about you, such as your name, national ID number, home address, workplace, etc.

Your IP address will be logged for security reasons, but will not be used when investigating your report.

The Norwegian tax Administration have a duty of confidentiality for reports received. However, the information may have to be disclosed in accordance with rules in various regulations, for example in court proceedings.

Our Privacy Policy contains more information about how the Norwegian Tax Administration processes personal data.

How we investigate reports

The Norwegian Tax Administration will assess whether your report is correct and relevant within four months. Reports that cannot be verified by this deadline will be deleted.

You will receive confirmation that we have received your report, but you will not receive any feedback on what action we will take as a result.

What information do we need from you?

The more information and details you can provide, the easier it is for us to investigate your report. This could include information such as name, address, telephone number, car registration number or any other information that could help us to identify the person or people concerned.

Any attachments must be sent by post

It is not possible to add attachments to the form on this page. If you have any additional documentation associated with your report, you can send it by post. In which case, when submitting the form, please state in the box "What do you wish to report?" that you will forward attachments by post. Attachments can be sent to the following address:

Norwegian Tax Administration
Seksjon for etterretning
Postboks 9200 Grønland
0134 OSLO

Please remember to state the date on which you submitted the report form, as this will make it easier for us to link the documentation you send to your report.