Test submission of third party information which must be submitted as a file attachment.

The Norwegian Tax Administration offers test submission for statement submitters and submitters who must submit third party information as a file attachment via Altinn.

The Norwegian Tax Administration recommends that everyone who submits third party information as a file attachment should participate in the testing. By taking part, you will have the opportunity to test the entire value chain, including both file format validation and the submission process itself, and to check the acknowledgement of data that you have submitted.

Experience shows that those who take part in the testing are more likely to be able to successfully submit information. We will be accepting test files all year.

Activity 1: Testing the file format itself

Before submitting third party information in XML format, we would like you to test the file format yourself. As a government agency, the Norwegian Tax Administration cannot recommend any one validation tool in preference to any other. There are many free validation tools available on the internet that can be used for this. There is also an XSD validator in Altinn’s test environment, so it is not possible to submit file attachments with format errors. Once the the file you want to submit has been validated against the Norwegian Tax Administration's specified XSD, you will have made considerable progress towards problem-free submission.

Activity 2 - Submitting test data to the Norwegian Tax Administration

When you have prepared an XML file, you can submit test data to the Norwegian Tax Administration via Altinn.

Submitting test data via Altinn 
You will be allocated a fictitious test user, which is used to log in to Altinn’s test environment. When test data is submitted, you will also be sent an acknowledgement in the test user’s “My messages box”.

How to register

To take part in the test, send an e-mail to: [email protected]

State the scheme you wish to test, the organisation number of the statement submitter and, where applicable, the organisation number of the submitter, the name of a contact person, and e-mail address and telephone number. You will then be issued with a test pack containing:

  • An Altinn test user
  • A fictitious organisation number and PIN codes for logging in to Altinn’s test environment
  • A set of fictitious national ID numbers and organisation numbers for you to use as a statement owner in your test submissions
  • Timetable for test submission