Advance tax for businesses assessed as a partnership (SDF)

As a partner in a business assessed as a partnership, you’re the one responsible for paying the advance tax, not the partnership. Examples of businesses assessed as partnerships are general partnerships (ANS), limited partnerships (KS) or general partnerships with shared liability (DA).

The sum of your share of the income and wealth of the company and your personal income/deductions and wealth is the basis for the tax calculation. This is why advance tax is assessed in addition to any ordinary tax deductions from your salary.

The advance tax will be determined based on of the profit generated by the business. If you have a newly established partnership, an invoice for advance tax may not be issued automatically. If you expect a surplus in your partnership, you yourself must make sure you have your advance tax calculated. 

  • You can apply to change your advance tax.
  • You must include income and wealth from both your business and private income/deductions.
  • Budgeted deficits in a business will not be included in the tax deduction card. Final deficits are included in the tax return.

Payments are made four times a year: 15 March, 15 June, 15 September and 15 December.


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