View your tax assessment

First possible date for self-employed persons with spouse to receive their tax assessment is 15 August. The tax assessment for 2018 is complete for all tax payers on 23 October.

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View your tax assessment

Self-employed persons and their spouse will receive their tax assessment from 15 August onwards.

If you do not receive your assessment then, assessments will continue to be made available on an ongoing basis until 23 October. 
We will let you know by e-mail when your tax assessment is ready.

All businesses liable for arrears (companies) will ONLY receive their tax assessment for the 2018 income year on 23 October electronically.

Notification will be sent by e-mail to the address which is registered under the company's contact information in Altinn.

Businesses assessed as a partnership will not receive a tax assessment notice, only a letter stating the income and wealth that were assessed and allocated between the partners.

We are unfortunately unable to give you a date on which you will receive your assessment, either via the tax office or over the telephone. Tax returns are processed on an ongoing basis by a case officer at the tax offices. They will send out the assessments as soon as they are ready: On an ongoing basis between 2 August and 23 October.

Interest, underpaid tax and payment

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