View your tax assessment - for self-employed persons

When your tax assessment is ready, you’ll see if you’re getting a tax refund or if you have to pay more tax.

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View your tax assessment

When will my tax assessment notice arrive?

Unfortunately, we cannot give you a specific date for when you’ll receive your notice. We cannot provide this information even if you go to a tax office, call us or use our chat. We will process the tax returns and send out the tax assessment notices on an ongoing basis, as soon as they are ready.

Self-employed persons (sole proprietorships)

We start sending out tax settlements for self-employed persons and their spouses in April.

Only those who have overpaid tax will receive their tax assessments in April and May. Tax assessments with underpaid tax is sent out from June.

If you don't receive your tax assessment notice before 29 June, your next chance is on 17 August. All tax assessment notices will be sent out  by 1 December.

Private limited companies

We send out tax settlements for private limited companies in the period October to November.

Business assessed as a partnership

Businesses assessed as partnerships will not receive a tax assessment, only a letter containing information about the income and wealth that has been assessed and divided between the partners.

You’ll be notified

We’ll let you know via e-mail when your tax assessment is ready.

A notification will be sent to the address registered in the company’s contact information in Altinn.

Underpaid or overpaid tax

Underpaid tax – you owe money

If you pay your underpaid tax by 31 May, you do not have to pay interest on the money you owe.

Overpaid tax


The interest rate is 3.51 percent per year, calculated from 1 July in the income year up to the first due date for underpaid tax in the following tax year.

If you pay your underpaid tax by 31 May, you do not have to pay interest on the amount you owe.

If you’ve paid too much underpaid tax, interest will be added to the repaid amount.