One-off registration tax

The one-off registration tax is an excise duty that must be paid upon initial registration of a motor vehicle in Norway. 

Important information

How much does it cost?

The one-off registration tax is calculated based on the vehicle's tax group, kerb weight, CO2 emissions, NOx emissions and cylinder capacity. For some vehicles, engine power is also included in the calculation.

You can calculate the one-off registration tax yourself:

How to do it

Exemption and reduction

You can receive an exemption from or reduction of the one-off registration tax for certain types of motor vehicles. This applies to for example electric cars, ambulances or inherited vehicles. 

Deduction for use and alternative calculation

When you import a used vehicle, you can obtain a reduction in the one-off registration tax. This is known as deduction for use. There are two methods of calculating the deduction for use, and you`re free to decide which method to use. Read more about deduction for use and how it’s calculated.

New calculation

If you think that the calculated one-off registration tax is incorrect, you can apply for a recalculation.

Credit for the one-off registration tax

Car dealers who import vehicles can receive credit for the one-off registration tax. To receive the credit, the car dealer must apply for credit

Proportional one-off registration tax for renting and leasing vehicles

You can apply for proportional one-off registration tax at the time of registration of the vehicle in Norway. The scheme applies to renting and leasing vehicles that are registered in Norway for a contractually time-limited period.