Coronavirus - important information from the Tax Administration

Book an appointment

You can only book an appointment for a service that require personal attendance. For any other services, you must contact us in other channels.

You must book an appointment for the following services:

  • Applying for a tax deduction card for the first time - foreign citizens only
  • Reporting a move to Norway - Norwegian and foreign citizens
  • ID control - if you’ve been issued a Norwegian ID number without personal attendance at the tax office
  • Taking a DNA test
  • Confirming paternity

For any other services, you must contact us in other channels. The quickest ways to reach us are via chat, by calling us at 800 80 000 or on Facebook.

In order to go to a tax office or SUA office, you must have stayed in Norway for the last 10 days. Exceptions exist for countries with a low spread of infection.

You will not be let in to the office without an appointment.


If you’re a foreign worker and you live in Oslo, Stavanger, Bergen, Trondheim or Kirkenes - you can book an appointment at a SUA office (Service Centre for Foreign Workers).

What to bring with you to the tax office:

  • A valid ID document: A passport or national ID card containing a photograph of your face and information about your citizenship and gender.
  • Information that is relevant to your case. 
    Examples of relevant information:
    • An employment contract or written offer of employment.
    • A contract for the purchase or leasing of a house for at least six months.
    • If you run your own business, you must bring confirmation of this.
  • Electronic ID - if you have one, for instance BankID, BankID on mobile or MinID.