Do you have to postpone your wedding?

Certificate of no impediment to marriage is valid for 4 months from the issued date. If your wedding is postponed for longer than the certificate is valid, you must send a new application.

Send your application at least 4 weeks before the new date, but do not send a new application until you’re sure your wedding may be held on said date.

You do not have to send the declaration concerning division again, provided you state your previous case number.

Form Q-0150

Declaration by the parties to the marriage prior to verification of compliance with the conditions for marriage

You must complete and submit a form stating there is no impediment for you to enter into marriage before you can marry. The certificate of no impediment is now valid without a stamp and signature.


  • Log in using BankID, BankID on mobile, Buypass or Commfides.
  • Before you start the registration process, you should have the Norwegian national identity numbers of your future spouse and sponsors (forlover)/witnesses at the ready.
  • If you're asked to upload attachments, these must be in PDF format.
  • The certificate will be valid without a stamp and signature.
  • Certificates that are issued from and including 7 October will not contain information about any name changes after the marriage

You can use the service when:

  • the marriage is performed according to Norwegian law (not foreign law)
  • both parties have a Norwegian national identity number or D number
  • both parties can log in with BankID, BankID on mobile, Buypass, or Commfides

Once your application has been approved, the certificate will be issued via Altinn and must be forwarded to the person performing the marriage. You must choose whether the certificate is to be forwarded digitally or in the post. The personal data in the certificate can be kept secure by sending it in an encrypted e-mail or in a sealed envelope in the post.

Please note that the certificate will expire four months after it has been issued. If your case has to be processed manually, it will take 5-6 weeks.

Submitting on paper

Complete the form Declaration by the parties to the marriage prior to verification of compliance with the conditions for marriage and send or submit the completed and signed form together with the other required documents to your tax office. If you plan to hand over the forms in person, you need to book an appointment at your tax office.

The form is available from Statlig blankettarkiv (the Official forms archive).