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Denne tjenesten er nå stengt. Den åpner igjen 1. januar 2020.

Form RF-1115

Application for extended deadline for submitting the tax return for wage earners and pensioners

The deadline for applying for an extension was April 30.

Extensions beyond 30 days is not granted. If you are granted an extension, you can not expect to receive the tax settlement in June.

Applications for extensions may be submitted electronically or on paper. We encourage you to apply electronically. You must include an explanation with the application.

If you cannot submit the application electronically using form RF-1115 or our electronic contact form RF-1306, you should send the application by post to the tax office

Applications for exposed deadline for the spouse

If one of the spouses applies for a extension and is granted this, the other spouse will automatically get the same deadline. If your spouse is running a business or self-employed person, you have the same deadline for sumission as your spouse.

Note: If you owned a share of a company assessed as a partnership in 2018, your deadline to submit the tax return is the end of May. The company must submits the tax return electronically.

You will find confirmation of a granted application for postponement in your inbox in Altinn.