Form RF-1198 og 1199

Information about contracts, contractors and employees

The party who gives assignments to foreign contractors on land or on the continental shelf must complete RF-1199. Foreign contractors working in Norway must complete RF-1198.

Log in and complete and submit the form

Assignment and employee register

The portal consists of simple overviews of assignments, employees and it also contains an archive. For contractors, functionality for reporting “own employees” is provided.

The new solution has functionality to support the different reporting obligations that the client and the contractor are bound by. The client reports the assignment, the contractor reports the employees and when they work:

  • Report a new assignment – formerly not reported by any involved party. The system has a dedicated function for reporting new assignments.
  • Change information about an assignment – reported by one of the parties but not necessarily oneself. Check if the assignment is already reported using the search function. If found, there is a function for making changes both to the assignment itself and to the employees working on the assignment.

Access requires a log in using an electronic id. The user also has to have been granted read access to the Altinn form RF-1199 for the organization no registered on the assignment in order to view information. Write access is required in order to submit reports.