Application for temporary use of vehicle registered on Svalbard

If you're a permanent resident on Svalbard and intend to use a Svalbard-registered vehicle on the mainland, you must report this use to the Tax Administration. 

Persons who are registered in the population register on Svalbard can import and use a motor vehicle registered for use on Svalbard to the Norwegian mainland for up to 93 days in a 12-month period.

Once you have registered a period for temporary use of Svalbard vehicles on the mainland, you have the opportunity to change the start of the period, right up to the registered start date. The same applies to the end of the period.

Are you moving permanently?

If you are moving to the mainland, you must obtain customs clearance and pay the appropriate duties for the vehicle.


You will find the rules concerning the temporary use of vehicles registered on Svalbard in the Regulation relating to duty-free import and temporary use of foreign-registered motor vehicles in Norway (Lovdata).

The Directorate of Taxes has prepared remarks concerning the regulation. You will find these remarks in the annual circular concerning non-recurring tax.