Norwegian national identity number

The Norwegian national identity number is an 11-digit personal identifier. Everyone on the Norwegian National Registry has a national identity number.

Have you just had a child?

The Tax Administration issues the child with a national identity number once the hospital has sent a notification of birth to the Tax Administration.

The following are issued with a national identity number

  • Everyone born in Norway
  • Everyone who settles in Norway
  • Norwegian citizens born or resident abroad who need a national identity number in order to be issued with a Norwegian passport

Structure of the national identity number

  • The national identity number consists of 11 digits
  • The first six digits represent the date of birth in the order date, month, year
  • The next three digits are an individual number, the third digit of which indicates gender – even numbers for women and odd numbers for men
  • The last two digits are control digits
  • The last five digits of the national identity number constitute the personal number
  • The three digits comprising the individual number are allocated sequentially within the specific date of birth. Individual digits are allocated as follows:
  1. born 1854-1899: allocated from series 749-500
  2. born 1900-1999: allocated from series 499-000
  3. born 1940-1999: also allocated from series 999-900
  4. born 2000-2039: allocated from series 999-500


Day Month Year Individual number Control digits
01 12 99 551 31


The first digits in the individual number show that the person was born in the 1800s and the last digit indicates a man. This number would belong to a man born on 1 December 1899. For reasons of data privacy, this is not an actual national identity number.