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Duty-free diesel

If you accidentally refuel with duty-free diesel (marked diesel), you must notify the Tax Administration.

Duty-free diesel is exempt from excise duty and must only be used in tractors, motorised implements and the like.

What you must do

Contact the Tax Administration immediately.

You can either call us or use the contact form. You must use the contact form to contact the Tax Administration outside opening hours.

What will happen once I have reported it?

You will be asked to empty the fuel tank. If emptying the fuel tank would be difficult, the Tax Administration may ask you to pay duty on the number of litres you put in the tank.

You can only obtain permission to pay the duty after one case of accidental refuelling.

What happens if I do not report accidental refuelling?

If you do not report cases of accidental refuelling to the Tax Administration and the circumstance is discovered during an inspection, you will have to pay a fine. The fine is NOK 20,000 for cars. This also applies to other vehicles with a maximum permitted gross weight of under 3,500 kg. A higher tax is payable in the case of heavier motor vehicles.

If you refuel with duty-free diesel on more than one occasion, the Tax Administration may double the fine payable. Both the owner and the person using the vehicle are responsible for paying the fine, regardless of who actually refuelled with duty-free diesel.