Notification of vehicle modification

If you modify a vehicle, the vehicle's tax group may change and a surcharge may also be payable on the one-off registration tax. Before you make any modifications to a vehicle, you must provide us with information on the modifications you intend to make.

Log in and submit RF-1335:

Report vehicle modification

Based on the information you`ve reported, you`ll receive an invoice for the amount you must pay in addition to the one-off registration tax.

On 1 January 2017, the effect component was phased out for all tax groups, with exemption of tax groups F (motorcycle) and G (snowmobile).

The power increase is considered a status change, and it will still be notifiable in the form of an application to the Norwegian Tax Administration.

A power increase in itself will not give any effect on the one-off registration tax, but it will affect the vehicle`s emission. This can result in an increase in the one-off registration tax.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration approves and defines the technical basis for the tax. If the Norwegian Public Roads Administration change the technical basis data, such as Co2 and NOx, this can cause a re-calculation of the one-off registration tax.

You must be able to document which effect an power increase will give the vehicle`s remaining technical basis data when getting an approval from the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.