Avgift for omregistrering av elektriske kjøretøy

I budsjettet for 2022 er det vedtatt å innføre avgift på omregistrering av elektriske kjøretøy. Denne endringen, fra fritak til lav sats, har ennå ikke trådt i kraft.

Transfer of registration (change of owner)

The registration transfer fee is a fee that you pay when a car or vehicle is registered under a new owner.

How much does it cost?

How to re-register a vehicle

You re-register a vehicle on the Norwegian Public Roads Administration’s website. Here you can:

  • submit the notification of sale
  • pay the registration transfer fee
  • print out your temporary vehicle registration certificate.

If you need help, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration handles the notification of sale and the re-registration of the vehicle, while the Norwegian Tax Administration handles the calculation and payment of the registration transfer fee.

If you’re not a digital user

If you’re not a digital user, you have to contact the Norwegian Public Roads Administration to get the payment information. After the payment is made, it’ll take 2-3 working days before the re-registration is completed. You’ll receive the vehicle registration document by post.

For car dealers

Autoreg and Autosys are digital services for dealers, used for registration of new and used vehicles.

User guide for how to pay the registration transfer fee for car dealers (PDF)
The user guide is meant for the vehicle dealers using the Norwegian Public Roads Administration’s industry solution.

You can read more about dealer registration of new and used vehicles at the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

In some cases, you can receive an exemption from the registration transfer fee.

Most of the exemptions are granted automatically in the Norwegian Public Roads Administration’s self-service solution.

  • Vehicles registered for over 30 years
  • Vehicles registered on the same owner for two months or less
  • Electric vehicles
  • Deleting the vehicle’s co-owner
  • Change the vehicle’s registered co-owner to owner
  • Re-registration between spouses (re-registration between cohabiting partners does not exempt you from paying the fee)
  • Inheritance between parents and children

In some cases, you must submit an application to the Norwegian Tax Administration about a possible exemption. This applies to the following cases:

If you're paying the registration transfer fee from abroad, please use the bank account details below.

Account number: 7694 05 18950

IBAN: NO3376940518950


Bank address:
Postboks 1600 Sentrum
0021 OSLO

If the registration transfer fee you paid was too high, you can apply for a refund. You must state the registration number of the vehicle, the KID number you used, and the bank account from which you paid the fee.

It’s a condition that the Norwegian Public Roads Administration has already completed the re-registration.  I.e. that you’ve received the vehicle registration document made out in your name.

You can see previous paid registration transfer fees and download a receipt (reconciliation report).