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Become an online user

As an electronic user you can communicate with the Tax Administration and receive information, no matter where you are.

You will be notified by text message or e-mail when your tax return or tax assessment is ready, and other important information is sent from the Tax Administration.


  • We'll notify you via your mobile phone and/or e-mail when you receive any information from us electronically.
  • You'll receive replies to enquiries faster, because they won't have to go through the postal service.
  • You prevent unauthorised people from accessing your personal data.
  • You'll have easy access to letters and documents saved in your personal archive in, together with other electronic mail.
  • You can reply directly to the person handling your case using a reply form.
  • You can receive your tax settlement earlier.


  • You must have a Norwegian identification number (Norwegian national identity number or D number).
  • You must get an electronic ID.

You can choose between five options for your electronic ID:

MinID is a publicly issued, personal electronic ID that provides access to public services at a medium-high level of security. To get MinID, you have to order PIN codes.

When you order PIN codes, you must go to the How to order PIN codes page and follow the instructions. Before you order PIN codes, make sure that your correct address is registered in the Population Registry (The Norwegian Tax Administration).

You must also make sure your post box is clearly marked with your name. You'll receive the PIN codes at this address a couple of days after you order them.

If you have a D number, but no registered Norwegian postal address, the PIN code letter will be sent to your address abroad.

When you have received the PIN codes, you must create a MinID user. Do this by registering with the PIN codes in the ID-porten.

  1. Create a user profile in ID-porten.
  2. Log in using your electronic ID.
  3. You are now an online user.

BankID is a personal, electronic ID that provides access to public services at the highest level of security. BankID is issued by your bank.

If you have a BankID, you can use that to register as an online user in the ID-porten.

BankID on mobile is a personal, electronic ID that allows access to public services at the highest security level. BankID on mobile is issued by your bank.

Remember that you must already have regular BankID with codes from your bank, and that you can only activate the BankID on mobile from the bank that gave you BankID.

How to order and log in with BankID on mobile.

Buypass is a personal, electronic ID that provides access to public services at the highest level of security. Buypass is issued by Buypass AS, and you can use Buypass ID on smartcard or Buypass ID in mobile. Anyone with a Buypass ID on smart card can use Buypass ID in mobile.

How to order and log in with Buypass ID.

Commfides is a personal, electronic ID that provides access to public services at the highest level of security. Commfides is issued by Commfides Norge AS, supplied as an electronic ID on a secure USB stick.

How to order and log in with Commfides


If you’re a foreign worker and you want to apply for a tax deduction card, the tax office can help you become an online user. Bring your BankID if you have one.

Remember to update your contact details

It is just as important that the correct mobile number and e-mail address are registered in your user profile in the ID portal as your correct address is registered by the National Registry.

You can update your contact details here.

Your contact information will be entered in a joint database, which public authorities will gradually start using. The Tax Administration began using the database in June 2014. Local and public authorities wish to communicate with you electronically instead of on paper, unless you opt out.