Form RF-1453

Change name

You can change your first name, middle name and surname. Note that your middle name is not a first name. Names that can be used as a surname may also be taken as a middle name.

You can change your own name, as well as the names of children for which you have parental responsibility if they are under 16 years of age.

Case processing time

If your case is automatically approved, the name change is immediately registered.

It can take up to four weeks to process an application manually. You’ll be informed if your case has gone to manual processing. You can log in and check your case status.

When your new name is registered, you’ll receive a confirmation of the name change in your Altinn inbox.


The appeal body is the county governor in the county in which you're resident. However, you must still send the appeal via the tax office.

Under 16?

If you're under 16 years of age, the person or persons who have parental responsibility for you must consent to the change of name. If you're over 12 years of age, you must also consent to the name change.

Children can register as online users from the year they turn 13. (For example MinID or BankID). A paper form can also be used.

Paper form

Fill in the form entitled "Melding om endring av navn" (Notification of change of name) and send it to your local tax office.


Copy of confirmation of name change

We'll automatically send you a confirmation of your name change. If you need a copy, you can order one here.

If more than 200 people in Norway share a surname, the surname is unrestricted.

As a rule, you're free to choose amongst unrestricted surnames. Using Statistics Norway's name search, you can check how many people have a particular surname.

Protected surnames

A surname is considered to be protected if it's used by 200 people or less in Norway. To take a protected surname, everyone who already has that surname must give his or her consent.

You can also take a protected surname if you have an affiliation to the name, e.g. through kinship, marriage, a cohabiting partner who you have lived with for at least two years, or who you have children with, adoption, a relationship to step-parents or to foster parents. The case officer will contact you if documentation is required.

You can read more about surnames in chapter 2 of the Name Act(in Norwegian).

If you want to have two surnames, you must write the surnames separated by a hyphen. If you would prefer not to use a hyphen, you must choose one surname as a middle name.

Hyphenated double surnames

Example: Petter Hansen-Olsen. Here, Hansen-Olsen is the surname.

If you decide to have a double surname, you must always use the full name. In alphabetised lists you will be listed under the first letter of your first last name. In this example, the person concerned would be listed under H.

Middle names and surnames

Example: Petter Hansen Olsen. Here, Hansen is the middle name and Olsen is the surname.

If you decide to have two surnames, where one is a middle name, there is no requirement to use the middle name. You'll be listed in the telephone book under the first letter of your surname. In this example, the person concerned would be listed under O.

If you're over 16, you'll generally not be permitted to take, change or delete a first name or surname more than once every ten years. There are, however, exceptions.

If you have taken, changed or deleted a name, you can still do the following within the next ten years:

  • Take the surname of a spouse or cohabiting partner who you have lived with for at least two years, or who you have children with
  • Take a surname which you have had previously
  • Take the surname of a step-parent, foster parent or adoptive parent
  • Change your first name back to the first name you had before you changed it
  • Take, change or omit a first name or surname if special reasons apply.

Names are registered in full in the National Registry, but we have to abbreviate long names in extracts.

In cases where a surname, first name and middle name total more than 25 characters, the name will be abbreviated in official letters. The tax office will abbreviate the name according to fixed rules.


Solveig Elisabeth Kvernhusengen - Kvernhusengen Solveig E.
Bjørn Karlsen Korsmo Haugen - Haugen Bjørn Karlsen K.

When you've changed your name abroad, you must fill in the form for change of name and send it to:

The Tax Administration
Postboks 9200 Grønland
0134 Oslo


If you’re a Norwegian citizen, you must attach proof of your new name from the authorities in your country of residence.

If you’re a foreign citizen living in Norway, you must attach proof of your new name from the authorities in your country of citizenship.