Tips concerning discrepancies in the National Population Register for businesses and authorities

When a discrepancy is detected in the National Population Register, please send us a tip so that we can investigate and register any changes.

Download, fill out and send us. (The form in Norwegian)

The form for tip to the National Registry

Send the form to the following address:

Tips concerning discrepant information
Postboks 9200 Grønland
0134 OSLO

Reporting obligation for public authorities and businesses

A new National Population Register Act entered into force on 1 October 2017. Public authorities and businesses are obliged to notify the National Population Register when their information does not correspond with what is registered in the National Population Register.

Other public bodies may receive information concerning, for instance, changes of address or other information that was changed without the National Population Register being notified, or tips may be received long after the change. Therefore, the purpose of the new rule is to ensure that the public sector helps the National Population Register to remain as accurate as possible.

All information submitted will be checked before the National Population Register is updated. The Tax Administration receives and processes all tips concerning discrepancies, and your tip will be processed in accordance with rules and routines for the National Population Register and the Public Administration Act.

Due to the confidentiality obligation, the National Population Register cannot provide you with feedback concerning the result of your tip, as we have limited options to disclose information about anyone other than yourself.

When you use “KS SvarUT”

Municipalities and others in the public sector who use KS SvarUT, can send the tips form  to the Tax Administration’s organisation number 974 761 076.