Marriage certificate

Everyone who gets married will receive a marriage certificate after the marriage has been registered at the tax office. If you need a copy, you can order it here.

Attesten blir sendt til din folkeregistrerte adresse. Normalt tar dette 3 virkedager, postgang kommer i tillegg.

The certificate will be sent to your address as registered in the National Registry. This usually takes 3 working days, in addition to postal service.

A marriage certificate is a historical document, showing the name of the spouse, the time and place for the marriage, who married the couple, and if relevant – new last name and/or middle name.

You can only order a copy here if it was the National Registry that checked if you met the conditions for entering into marriage. If you entered into the marriage before 1 October 2004, the National Registry did not perform this check. In this case, you must contact the marriage officiant to obtain a copy of the marriage certificate.

If you need to document your marital status (that you're unmarried, married, separated, divorced, widow, widower) you must order a printout of registered information instead.

Marriage certificates for marriages entered into abroad under foreign law must be obtained from the marriage officiant. The National Registry can only make issue a copy if the marriage was entered into under Norwegian law.

Important - when ordering certificates

You need to log in to Altinn to order.

  • If you're ordering certificates on behalf of others (for instance, your children), you can use the field "Enquiry or Comments" to state the purpose of the certificate and whom the certificate is meant for.
  • Here you can also state if you need the certificate in English or in a multilingual version, which means that the certificate has text in Norwegian, English, German, French and Spanish in the same document. If the certificate exists in other languages.

The certificate will be sent to your address as registered in the National Registry.

  • We do not send certificates by e-mail.
  • We do not issue certificate printouts to you in person at the tax office.

Generally, processing time is 3 days after the date the request is received. In addition, your must allow for postal delivery time.

If the certificate is to be used abroad, you must send it to the County Governor to apply an apostille, and you must state which country the certificate is to be used in. Read more about apostille and legalisation.