Your residence permit determines whether you’ll be automatically considered a resident in Norway

This information concerns those who have been granted a residence permit by UDI of at least six months.

When you receive a residence permit of at least six months, the immigration authorities will notify the National Population Register about this. You’ll be automatically registered as a resident in Norway and receive a Norwegian national identity number

Your type of residence permit determines whether you’re automatically registered as a resident in Norway and assigned a national identity number. Various types of residence permits include, for example, permission to study, reunite with a family member or work.

It you’ve received a residence permit type that does not give automatic residency in Norway, you’ll receive a D number. If you’ve received a D number and are going to stay in Norway for at least six consecutive months, you must report a move to Norway yourself.

How to report a change of address if you’ve received a D number

If you report a move to Norway within 30 days from your D number being assigned, you can download and submit the notification of your move (RF-1401 Notification of a move to Norway) with documentation to the Tax Administration.

If you're an online user, you can submit the notification online.

You can also send it by post to

Postboks 9200 - Grønland
0134 Oslo

Mark the envelope with "Melding om innflytting".

If more than 30 days have passed since your D number was assigned, you must meet for a new ID check. Book an appointment at a tax office that carries out ID checks and bring all necessary documentation with you.

Some people get a different date than their date of birth in their national identity numbers

As a general rule, the first 6 digits of a national identity number must be the same as the person's date of birth. For some people this will not be the case, and the first 6 digits will correspond to the date the person was registered as resident in Norway.