Item 1.7.7

1.7.7 Share of remuneration from work from KS, ANS etc. - fishing or child day care centre in the partner's home (RF - 1221)

Applies to the income year 2017

Under this item, you must enter your share of joint remuneration from work from company assessed as a partnership (KS, ANS, etc.) within the category "Fishing" and "Child day care centre" specified in form "RF-1221 Partner’s statement of capital and income in company assessed as a partnership". This item must be filled in when the remuneration from work is to be distributed between spouses.

Does this item concern me?

The item concerns everyone who distributes remuneration from work with their spouse and who:

If the remuneration from work is not to be distributed between spouses, the amount must be entered under item 1.7.1.

How do I enter this in my tax return?

Under this item, you must enter the amount from item 1160 the column "ektefelles andel" (spouse's share) in form RF-1221

Documentation requirements

You do not need to send us any documentation concerning this, but you must be able to present it upon request.