Amendments in the Cash Register Systems Regulations

  • Published:

The Cash Register Systems Regulations were amended by the Regulations regarding amendment of the Regulations relating to requirements for cash register systems (the Cash Register Systems Regulations) of 6 July 2016 no. 901. Certain amendments and precisions have been made in the definitions in the Regulations; see Section 1-2. Other amendments include a provision that a function for training use is now permitted in the cash register system, under specific conditions, and a more precise specification concerning the use of the cash register system to register credit sales.

In connection with the amendment to the Cash Register Systems Regulations, the Directorate of Taxes has updated the comments to the Cash Register Systems Regulations; see the Directorate of Taxes' notice SKD 7/15 of 21 December 2015.

An updated version of the Cash Register Systems Regulations and the comments to the Regulations have been translated into English.