Cash register systems

Cash register systems which are placed on the Norwegian market must meet the requirements laid down in the Norwegian Cash Register Systems Act and the Regulations that are to be established pursuant to the Act. 

If the accounting officer does not use a product-approved cash register system, a penalty fine may be imposed. Read more about the obligation to use a cash register system.

Why regulations?

The rules makes it more difficult to manipulate a cash register system in order to avoid tax and duties.

List of cash register systems

You will find the list over cash register systems (in Norwegian) that the suppliers have declared to be in compliance with the new rules.

How to declare that your cash register system is in compliance with the new rules (suppliers)

If you are a supplier, you need to log on to Altinn and send the form "Systemleverandørers produkterklæring av kassasystemer - RF-1348" (in Norwegian) to confirm that your cash register is in compliance with the Norwegian Cash Register Systems Act and the Regulations. If a supplier does not submit a product declaration, or the cash register system fails to fulfill the requirements, the Norwegian Tax Administration could issue a penalty fine. See the legislation on cash register systems or you can see this translated versjon of the cash register system, for more information. This is how foreign companies get access to Altinn.

Technical requirements

The Norwegian Tax Administration has prepared guidelines for the design of cash register systems.For descriptions and documentation of the technical requirements, reference is made to the Cash Register System Act with associated regulations and comments, as well as questions and answers and other statements from the Tax Administration, see links below.  

On our collection page for documentation of the SAF-T formats, you will find detailed requirements for the content of the standard export file (SAF-T Cash Register) and the requirements for digital signatures.