Test Submitting

The Norwegian Tax Administration offers all system suppliers or other developers of solutions to support the SAF-T format a chance to take part in testing via Altinn.

SAF-T Financial and SAF-T Cash Register test submission

Clients of system suppliers should not participate in the testing without coordinating with the system supplier. The reason for this is that the system supplier must handle any errors or discrepancies, and because the Norwegian Tax Administration cannot provide feedback such as confirming whether a mapping of chart of accounts has been performed correctly.

If you’d like to take part in the testing and be allocated test users, you can send an e-mail to [email protected]

Use the same e-mail address to get help during the submission process in Altinn.

Go to sthe contact form to send enquiries to the Norwegian Tax Administration regarding the manual review of the test file. Mark your enquiry SAF-T Financial or SAF-T Cash Register.

Requirements for test submissions

Conditions for processing submitted test files.

The file submitted to the Norwegian Tax Administration’s test environment must be anonymised. It cannot contain information that may identify the sender or any third parties, for instance personal information. Files found to contain such information will not be processed. They will be deleted.

Activity 1 – Testing the file format for validation with the schema

In order for the test submission to be successful, you must test the file format before submission in Altinn. There are several free validation tools available, and the Norwegian Tax Administration has developed a validator for testing the file format.

When you submit files via Altinn's test environment, the files undergo file format validation. Please note that we do not provide comprehensive feedback for the different error types.

Activity 2 – Submitting test data

When the SAF-T XML file is validating, it can be submitted as test data to the Tax Administration via Altinn.

The Tax Administration or system suppliers to the Tax Administration may use submitted test data for test purposes. For privacy reasons, test submissions must not contain sensitive information about the sender or any third parties. This means, among other things, that the following information elements must be anonymised:

Information that must be anonymized      XML fields such as these from SAF-T Financial

company names and information about companies  

<Name> and <TaxRegistration>


<StreetName> and <PostalCode>

name of individuals

<FirstName>, <LastName> and <AdditionalAddressDetail>

contact information (e-mail, phone number, fax, etc.) 

<Email>, <Telephone> and <Fax>

account numbers, IBAN-numbers etc.

<IBANNumber> and <BIC>

This overview is not a complete list. It only shows examples of the information type and field codes that must be anonymised. All information that can be linked to an individual or an impersonal legal subject must be removed from the files.

It’s important that the anonymisation is carried out in a way that preserves the data types, so that there are no errors while validating the SAF-T format.

Take part in the test submission

In order to take part in the testing, send an e-mail to:

[email protected]

Please provide your organisation number, the name of a contact person, as well as your e-mail address and telephone number.

You will then be issued with a test pack containing:

  • an Altinn test user
  • a fictitious organisation number and password for logging in to Altinn’s test environment
  • a fictitious organisation number to be used for test submissions
  • a reference number that must be used (2019/5280144)
  • a timetable for test submission