Do I register the enterprise in the Value Added Tax Register?

Read on to learn whether you carry out business activity that must be registered in the Value Added Tax Register.

If you already know that you must register your enterprise, please go directly to the registration.

Find out if an enterprise is registered by searching in the Central Coordinating Register of Legal Entities (in Norwegian only) at the Brønnøysund Register Centre.

If the enterprise is registered, it will be noted under the section «Særlige opplysninger».

Find out if you must register

In order to determine what applies to you, you must answer between 3 and 13 questions:

Important information

Value added tax is linked to the turnover of goods and services. It applies to all turnover of goods and services, regardless of whether the enterprise is run by one or more persons.

When the turnover exceeds the limit of NOK 50,000, enterprises and most organisations must register in the Value Added Tax Register. For charitable and non-profit organisations, the limit is NOK 140,000.

Some goods and services are not subject to VAT. When we determine whether an enterprise or organisation must register, it is only the vatable part of the enterprise’s turnover that counts.

How value added tax works

This page is meant for small and newly-established enterprises. It is not for, for example, public enterprises.

By answering the questions provided, we can offer you general guidance based on your feedback. Since not all the details regarding your circumstances are included, the reply you receive is not binding.

Our final determination will be made once we have processed your application.

If you need help or personal guidance concerning value added tax, tax, the National Population Register or any other matters, you must contact us.